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Case Study.


Trigger Warning, Abuse Mentioned.
(Names and Images have been changed to protect the identity of my clients.)

‘Anna’ came to me through recommendation. Anna had a history of sexual and had been in a violent marriage for many years.

When Anna came to came to work with me, she had already seen the results of the clients who had worked with me previously, two of whom were Anna's business mentors.


She had seen first hand the power of the work that my clients do with me and so she couldn’t wait to get started. She knew she had huge blocks, and she knew the reasons for them, but like many, she didn’t know how to release them and be free.

Anna had been on a psychologist’s coach pretty much weekly for 25 years with little progress. I told her that we would be able to release a lot of the blocks holding her back in around three to four sessions.

Her psychologist was horrified at that suggestion and told my client that she had researched me online, that I was a con-artist and that she should not work with me under any circumstances.

Anna was mortified and angry! She came to me and expressed how outraged she was at the psychologist’s suggestions. Anna had seen first hand the results of my coaching and was deeply offended by what the psychologist had said.

I was not offended, not at all.


I explained to dear Anna that her psychologist was tying to protect her, that there are an abundance of people out there selling ‘fluff’ with no tangible results, and were maximising on people’s pain for profit only, and were in some cases, retraumatising their clients in the process!


I said I had a healthy respect for the psychologist in asking her patient to apply caution before proceeding and told her to do the work and let the results speak for themselves.

Anna and I had some very intense sessions, one of which was three-and-a-half-hours long. After two session (five contact hours) not only was Anna able to say the name of and discuss her childhood abuser, but she was also able to face her violent ex-husband at a family event.


She was so deeply connected to her power and sovereignty that she simply stood fiercely in her power, and from across the from stared at him with such velocity that he became uncomfortable and had to leave! What a warrior woman!

The professionals that had worked with Anna for years could not believe the change in her.

Several months after our work together ended, Anna’s life hit what can only be described as the perfect storm. In her newfound power, she navigated through this time with determination, strength, focus, grace, and power. At one point, fatigue understandably overwhelmed her temporarily and she experienced a ‘wobble.’


The same psychologist that had called me a con-artist suggested that Anna call me so that I could support her through it so she could recalibrate and stay in her power. Boom.

Wavy Hair

Case Study.


Trigger Warning, Abuse Mentioned.
(Names and Images have been changed to protect the identity of my clients.)

‘Mary’ came to see me as she had been referred to me through a colleague.


She had been in my orbit for quite a while, and as with most successful, visible coaches, she had been sussing me out for a while before she felt comfortable stepping forward and putting her trust in me.

When we first spoke, I was impressed by her presence, her strength, her excellent communication, and her energy.


Mary was exceptional, had worked with many famous people, and had experienced extraordinary success in her business.

As we entered the call together, she listed the latest of her amazing accomplishments, and outlined how life was just incredible and couldn’t be better.

I smiled, congratulated her on all the wonderful things and then I waited…

(There is so much power in just holding space for someone who is ready to be heard.)

And, after a moment or two came the tears…

‘There’s just this one thing that infiltrates every waking hour from when I first open my eyes in the morning, to when I close my eyes at night, and I feel like it might consume me totally.’

Yes, that one thing that is there blocking Mary from her next level of brilliance.

We began working together soon after and during Mary’s first session there was a visceral release and an almost electric connection between us.

Mary showed up to each session with courage, humility, and openness and she dissolved so many unconscious blocks and triggers, the impact of which infiltrated every area of her life.


She summoned the courage to reset her level of tolerance and boundaries and as a consequence left an abusive relationship that had been strategically undermining her sovereignty for many years.

Mary willingly entered the chrysalis and experienced years’ worth of transformation in a matter of weeks which accelerated her into her next, extraordinary chapter and has never looked back.

She is extraordinary in all ways.

Brown Hair Model

Case Study.


Trigger Warning, Abuse Mentioned.
(Names and Images have been changed to protect the identity of my clients.)

‘Penelope’ came to me through a previous client, she was a very successful businesswoman who had a great team and sales record.


She had the picture-perfect marriage, family, and lifestyle, and yet… Yet there was an invisible internal force that was permeating her marriage and had begun forming fracture within her business and her marriage.

Penelope already had trust in me through association and so we got to work very quickly. We did some very deep trauma release processes together and Penelope had some huge internal shifts quickly.


The process had seemingly been a huge success, and yet energetically I could feel that despite her huge progress, she still was not where she wanted to be!

After some more gentle digging, we discovered an event that had happened between Penelope and a family member in her childhood where she had felt undermined and humiliated.


Though a great deal of healing had taken place between her and this family member, this particular exchange had lodged in her system and had attached itself to the room in which it had taken place.


Once we had uncovered the power of this imagery, we went straight into session and reset that memory and environment in such a way that invoked forgiveness, release, and we were able to anchor the memory back into love.


Tears streamed down Penelope’s face and that was the last piece of the puzzle for her.

Her marriage recalibrated, her team and income doubled within weeks, and she was so blown away by her results that she got me to create transformational journeys for her team so that they could powerfully elevate together, which they did and continue to do.



Man Enjoying the Beach

Case Study.



Trigger Warning, Abuse Mentioned.
(Names and Images have been changed to protect the identity of my clients.)

'Lee' came to me through my network, and we have had great fun working together. There were a lot of issues with Lee’s birth family to work through, especially with Lee’s father.

Lee had made exceptional progress, released a great deal of blocks and triggers deeply and quickly and very soon after (the following week) after finishing our third session together began magnetising their next level of ultra-high-ticket clients to themselves.

Even though there were amazing breakthroughs and incredible tangible results from our work together, there were a few things still blocking Lee from maximising their newfound confidence and clarity in their everyday choices.

Intuitively, I began exploring with Lee the narratives that may unlock the key element that was holding them back from truly unleashing their next level of brilliance. Lee told a story of how they were really proud of a time when they had stood up for their mother, against their father.

They recalled the incident and that because of them standing against their father, their father had taken them out in the car, berated them for the way they had behaved, and then punched them in the face.

When I gently leaned into the possibility that this was a traumatic experience that could be infiltrating Lee’s relationship with their high-ticket clients, they resisted that suggestion fiercely.

Lee had said they were proud of that moment as they had responded with strength and had not flinched or showed any weakness by crying. Lee explained that this was a pivotal moment in their growth into adulthood and inner strength. Lee refused to even consider that this experience had added to their trauma, blocks, and triggers.


The thing is, at the time that Lee’s father punched Lee in the face, Lee was only eight years old. It’s amazing how we can minimise an experience to survive it in the short term, but we really need to create the space and grace to allow it to be honoured, healed, and released in the long term otherwise it lodged in our psyche and our nervous systems and filters down through every decision we make both personally and professionally.

I fully understood this and realised that I needed to find a way to gently lead Lee to this realisation so we could connect to it, work through it in session, and release it.

Thanks to technology, I was able to send Lee a photograph of my ten-year-old child while we were on the call together. As Lee received my photograph, I explained that my child was ten years old, two years older than Lee was when their father punched them in the face.

Lee’s face showed me that a new comprehension of that experience had now entered their mind.

I then gently asked if it would be ok if my husband punched my child in the face to help to develop strength and help their growth into adulthood. It was at that point that Lee understood and was open to going into session immediately to clear this significant event quickly.

Since this time, Lee has met a romantic partner, has experienced everything they had wanted to manifest, including winning contracts from 9-figure entrepreneurs.


We stay in regular contact and my heart soars every time Lee shares a miraculous update with me.


What an honour to serve them in this way.

Yellow Dress

Case Study.


Trigger Warning, Abuse Mentioned.
(Names and Images have been changed to protect the identity of my clients.)

‘Georgette’ was a very highly qualified, experienced, and successful coach. She was referred to me by her personal coach (a colleague of mine) as she had experienced an Ayahuasca retreat which had unearthed some horrifying memories from her past which had been giving her night terrors ever since.

These night terrors were torture for Georgette, this continuous sleep deprivation impacted her marriage, her business, and her relationships in negative and damaging ways. Georgette came to me intellectually, emotionally, and physically exhausted and desperate for some relief.

We began our sessions and she found relief from session one. We progressed through the processes as I built the container to support her very specific needs. She experienced profound healing and massive relief; she was so gracious and courageous throughout the whole experience.

Again, even though she had accomplished some magnificent shifts, there was something lurking beneath the surface that was keeping her apart from her ultimate sparkle. We gently leaned into this together and discovered that the younger part of her that had experienced the terrifying events had attached those thoughts and feelings to a heavily carved door in her childhood home.

Intuitively, I had remembered the seemingly insignificant detail of the door in our previous conversation and took her into a session where the adult version of her helped the young version of her to redecorate that door!

When the session had finished, Georgette beamed with joy, she shared that they had painted the door pink and purple and had decorated it with glitter, sparkles, stickers, and had painted a unicorn on it! That is what that child part of her needed to reset that experience and release it.

Georgette never experienced a night terror again, healed the relationship with her husband, and elevated her business to a whole new level of excellence.


It was such a joyful outcome.

Relaxing Outdoor

Case Study.


Trigger Warning, Abuse Mentioned.
(Names and Images have been changed to protect the identity of my clients.)

‘Eva’ had been in my orbit for a long time and had been interacting with me and watching me from a far to see if I was the real deal.


A visible leader, successful businesswoman, who was visibly online and kicking goals left, right, and centre, when Eva booked a call with me, I assumed it was a networking call.


I could not have been more wrong.

When the call connected, I was quite taken-aback at the shadow of the woman that sat waiting for me.


The trust was there and so she went deep very quickly, explaining that her husband had tried to kill her in from of her children, she was in the process of losing her home, her business, her children She explained that she was at the lowest she had ever been and that everything she had left she would put into working with me as she feared that if she didn’t do something soon, she wouldn’t be earthside much longer.

Understanding the urgency and desperate nature of her situation, I was able to shuffle my calendar to start our work together as soon as possible and, understanding her situation, deferred her payment for 12 months’ time.

What happened in her life after just three (very intense) sessions was quite extraordinary. The court case, seemingly against all the odds, went in her favour, her narcissistic husband lost his lawyer, revealed his true colours and was arrested. Eva won full custody of her children, reclaimed her power and her life and everything turned around for her as she claimed the new and powerful chapter of her life and the lives of her children.

I often receive amazing updates from her as to what she is doing now and the new ways in which she is winning at life again, and it fills my heart to overflowing.

This woman is an absolute powerhouse, and one of the most courageous leaders I have ever met and had the privilege of working with.

Portrait in Nature

Case Study.


Trigger Warning, Abuse Mentioned.
(Names and Images have been changed to protect the identity of my clients.)

‘Olivia’ was one of the most polite, gentle, quiet clients I have ever worked with. A powerhouse coach, and often featured on TV shows for her expert opinion, she is a woman who has a great deal to offer the world.

Olivia had some big T traumatic events in her past that were radically affecting her romantic relationship, as well as her business. Olivia had been working with a previous client of mine (a successful coach herself) and yet was not achieving the results she had hoped for through the high-ticket business coaching programme that she had invested in.


The high-ticket coach employed me to work with Olivia (and several other clients of hers) to remover the invisible blocks that were consistently showing up and preventing her from successfully implementing the processes given to her in the business coaching container.

In a matter of hours, we were able to pinpoint and dissolve significant blocks and triggers that had been holding her back for years. This had a huge impact on her both personally and professionally and she went on to fly to even greater heights.


Her true, unbridled potential had been unlocked, and she went on to smash out bigger and bolder goals in record time.


What an absolute legend.


We have stayed in touch, and I love to see her kicking goals from this new, recalibrated, centred space.


How delicious it is when a woman has fully connected to her unlimited power.




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