Cathy Domoney
Chrysalis Coaching

Inspired Spirit Law of Attraction Life Coach

"It was a beautiful day for the whole day. You were professional and so full of information, you answered my questions before I even needed to ask them. You talking from personal experiences made everything you were saying much clearer and because you are living these things proves that what you are teaching can be achieved." 

Cassie- Adelaide.

"Going into this experience I didn't know what to expect. It was an informative great session with lovely ladies. Cathy was professional, speaking from personal experiences made all of the teachings around mindset believable and achievable on a personal level. Today made me believe in myself and the things that I can manifest in my life. I feel clearer about my way forward which is so powerful. I am so thankful that I came!" Cassandra- South Australia.

"Today was amazing!! I feel so much more calmer, centered and focused. I have learned valuable tools for my every day life and I will be back!" Mel- Adelaide.

"It has been such a positive and uplifting experience. Everyone was so accepting. I feel like this was the kick-start that I needed to move on in my life." Jo- West Beach.

Transformational Day Retreats. ONLY $75.00AUD!

I am a mother of five beautiful children. I am a professional woman. I am a FIFO wife 3:1. I have overcome depression, chronic illness, redundancy, a near-death encounter, pain, emotional turmoil, numerous major challenges and severe self-doubt. I understand what it’s like to loose yourself in the day-to-day hustle and whirlwind of life. That’s why I have created these Day Retreats for busy women who dedicate their lives to their partners, friends, careers, families and who need some time-out for themselves. Come and join us on one of these beautiful life-affirming day retreats and breathe for a while in safe, supportive and nurturing surroundings. Take time out for you. Gain clarity and sculpt a powerful way forward. Embrace your whole self and celebrate all that you have been through and get excited about what is to come. I am so looking forward to meeting you. Please message me for details. ❤️

*Come and dedicate some time to yourself there will be Meditation, Reiki, Massage and so much more...

*Are you wanting to have an empowering experience with like-minded individuals who are committed to growth and transformation?

*Are you keen to begin to design your life?

*Do you know that you are meant for great things and are looking to join a supportive community with like-minded people who want to see you succeed?

*Are you ready to invest in yourself and position yourself to powerfully manifest the life that you desire?

Then this workshop is for you!!

Join me with other like-minded women who are dedicated to personal growth and who are wanting to embrace the life of their dreams! Learn the tricks to master your mindset and how this becomes the fuel to propel the rockets of your dreams and bring them into your reality.

I know you... 
You Are very capable and strong
You are ambitious and hold yourself to the highest of standards
You give generously of yourself to other
You Are admired and respected
You are able to dedicate yourself to progress and achieve more than the average person
You are Confident and knowledgeable and achieve excellence as standard 

Strong women carry the most for the longest. 
Strong women help others without a second thought
Strong women lift others up and support those around them and act as a beacon of light. 

They also need support themselves. 
They need reminding that it’s vitally important to invest in themselves so that they may continue to serve others 
They need to take time out and take stock, continue to program their minds for increased future success 
They need to allow themselves to take the greatest care of themselves on every level in order to maintain their life’s work at the highest level 

⭐️Join me and other like-minded women for a day filled with the essential tools needed to finish this year powerfully and successfully. 
⭐️Remove any blocks to your success
⭐️Re-Fuel your passion and Re-Energize your body
⭐️Take time out and put yourself first and discover simple ways to more powerfully design your life, your business, your health and your mindset. 
⭐️Laughter Therapy
⭐️Program your mind for healing, love, success and a life by design

Saturday 10th November, 9.30am-4pm in Mount Compass. $75. 
Contact me for more details. Places limited.

“Words can begin to describe how powerful and meaningful my time with Cathy has been. I came to see Cathy with assistance through one of the most challenging times in my life. She was overwhelmingly caring, but also told me exactly what I needed to hear at the time, even though it wasn’t an easy road to take. However she held my hand and helped me though the hurdles I had to face. 
I cannot not thank Cathy enough for her kindness and guidance over the past few months. She is an absolute blessing, and I can almost guarantee anyone who spends time with her will feel more empowered for doing so”.

Learn some quick and easy ways to improve your life TODAY!

This Transformational Workshop will empower you, help you to gain clarity in your life, connect you with an amazing private community with like-minded women who want you to succeed! I LOVE working with women just like you who know that they deserve more and are ready to embrace empowering positive easy-to-use methods that can change your life TODAY! I cannot WAIT to work with you. This workshop will change your life! Contact me today for the next dates available. 

Love and Light, 

Cathy x

"It was such a pleasure to work with Cathy, she is able to guide me very quickly to find solutions and to find inspiration to solve any challenge and has helped me immensely with a negative pattern I have been repeating for a long time. I am so grateful for her insight, guidance and professionalism."  

Melanie, Melbourne.

"Wow. Cathy you are truly one in a million. The positive thoughts, the helpful suggestions, Everything you teach and speak is pure bliss and has been the most fantastic advice I have ever been given. You've helped me though some of life's hardest challenges, and without your guidance and positively I don't think we would have come out of those dark patches in our lives. HIGHLY recommend. "

Kat - Adelaide.

Cathy has incredible insight. I went to see her about my son. She saw in me the mental struggle i have tried so desperately to hide for fear of appearing a failure to my children. She encouraged me to face my fears and share with them, thus teaching them that it is ok to not always be ok. I have gained much more confidence and strength since meeting with Cathy. The balance i now feel with my family has sustained our positive forward steps. Thank you Cathy. You are an inspiration!

Nikki- Adelaide.

Next Dates: 

Saturday 10th November 2018

2019 Dates To Be Confirmed...


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