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Pop Finds His Smile.

Written by Cathy Domoney.

Illustrated by Aleksandra Bobrek.

Pip and Pop travel along the same country road together every day. Pip loves to dance in the sunshine while Pop stays in the mud. Pip laughs with the other woodland creatures while Pop stands at a distance and quietly watches. Then one day Pip asks a very important question which would change their lives forever... An excellent resource to be used with children to open discussion on mindset, perspective and how they impact a person's experience of the world.

A fantastic tool to have when you're working with the children in your care on mindset and how perspective can radically change your expereince of the world.

"Such a beautifully simple & accessible story for children, with a very valuable message about how you can be responsible for your own happiness through how you choose to see the world... and with such gorgeous illustrations that really make the message sink in & stay with you." 

Belinda Felstead. (Amazon Review.)