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I know I’ve said it a few times throughout the course already but THANKYOOOOOOU soooo much for having Abbi. She has done so well, and learnt some wonderful strategies for dealing with unpleasant situations in day to day life. Abbi is doing really well with you and the course.. She dealt and handled and bullying situation so well the other week. I had a chat to her about the girl who had been mean and her reply was ‘Yeah we learnt that at church with Cathy’ Its made her a lot stronger and more confident Her confidence really has been boosted Thank you xx Melissa-Adelaide. 

Our daughter spent some time with Cathy, specifically enrolling in the "Confident Kids" Course.

We cannot thank Cathy enough for her gentleness, warmth and guidance towards our usually very anxious daughter.

She has come away from the course with a pep in her step, and the knowledge of some very important life skills, ready to embrace the world, and work hard and achieve great things!

It has been amazing to see this new confident young lady, and we are excited to see what the future holds for our newly confident young lady. Thank you Cathy. Dani-Adelaide. 

Dan has made 2 vision boards in the last month & has them up where he can see them each day.

Both of my kids are taking a greater interest in world matters & discussing them in-depth thanks to your course. 

Even though they were both relatively confident before, but now they have a stronger inner strength & belief that 'who they are' is perfect acceptable - from their physical appearance to their opinions. They don't change their opinion just because one of their friends believes differently & encourage that friend to stick to their own original belief too (not change it to agree with them). 


Cathy's young leaders course is an absolutely brilliant opportunity for every young person. Our children really have gained so much from their time at young leaders. Cathy's natural ability to create positive & warm spaces full of acceptance & understanding is invaluable, helping the children to open up & take on board everything they are discussing & learning. Coupled with her innate ability to form genuine connections, our children came home each week upbeat & confident, full of inspiration & a want to understand the world around them & talk about their ideas & opinions. 

Our children are now, several weeks on, still using the inner positive mindset tools learnt during the course in their daily lives. They do have a stronger sense of self & a firm belief that their thoughts & opinions on any matter big or small, personal or political, truly matter & can make a difference. 

I highly recommend the Confident Young Leaders course for every young person!


The change in my daughter’s way of thinking after attending Cathy’s course was remarkable, I now have a daughter who is happy to try new experiences and seems to have a new lease on life. Thank you again Cathy for letting her attended your course, would definitely recommend you. I never thought she would stop being so insecure and overthinking but she it’s so much better.


A massive thank you Cathy, my daughter completed the youth Confidence course with you and she has come out of it with a more positive outlook on life. You are confident, calm and just a beautiful person in general. Your course has truly helped inspire her to become a better person and we can’t thank you enough. 


What The Kids Have To Say...

"Working with Cathy helped me to make friends." Tucker.

"Cathy is an excellent teacher and has helped me heaps. Mads~Adelaide 

I have a feeling that my life will change after what Cathy has helped me with. Thanks Cathy. Sara~Adelaide

It was really fun. I think I have changed after this! Alissa~Adelaide 

It really changed my life! Thanks Cathy! Max~Adelaide 

I found it fun, I found it helpful. Overall I reckon I feel more confident and better about myself. Thank you Cathy! Willow~Adelaide 

Cathy is the best! It was so fun and joyful! Amanda~Adelaide 

I think that the confidence course is the best in the world because I keep learning something new. Noah~Adelaide 

I enjoyed this course very much and believe that it has helped me a lot. Thank you Cathy! Jane~Adelaide"

This hugely popular course for young people aged 10-17 leads them through nine weeks of empowering, life-affirming and transformational ideas, processes, tools and strategies to increase their confidence and more successfully communicate with those around them on their pathway to success. Allow them to connect with other like-minded youths as they form bonds and become part of a supportive 'Youth Mastermind Community.' Allow them to connect with their own individual strengths and to develop confidence and high self-esteem as they confidently step into their futures assured of who they are and all of the wonderful talents that they have to offer the world. I have over twenty years experience working with young people in this capacity and I am passionate about empowering young people and helping them to ignite their rocket-ships of ambition for their future.

Week 1: Who are we...really?

Week 2: Masks: Communicating Effectively.

Week 3: Mastermind: Rock-Solid Self-Belief.

Week 4: Superpowers: Connecting To Your Talents and Gifts.

Week 5: Beyond the Shadows: How to Re-frame your thoughts for Success.

Week 6: Media Madness: How To Be an Empowered Audience.

Week 7: Your Voice: Speak Up!

Week 8: Lighthouse: How To Use Your Emotions as a Guide.

Week 9: Time Machine: Moving Powerfully Forward.

End Of Course.

These are very powerful sessions and your child will experience a transformation, they will be more self-aware, more aware of others and they will feel empowered and ready to take on success in the future!!

"Dear Cathy,

Thank you for your amazing work with our young leaders. You have stoked a fire within each of them, building their confidence and inspiration to continually challenge themselves, believe in themselves and see the world from another perspective that will stay with them for a lifetime. We are so very thankful. Love From The Proud Parents. x"

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"Cathy has made such a difference to our lives! She has coached our teenage son and I have seen his thinking change from unmotivated, angry and lost; to motivated and happy, with a stronger sense of identity and high goals. We have seen psychologists in the past but Cathy has helped him change his way of thinking much faster than they ever did. I can’t rave enough about this extraordinary woman!"

Jessica, Adelaide.

"I think you replaced our daughter with an alien! Completely different child. She is calmer and thinks about what she wants to say before she speaks. She is making better choices and has been sleeping a lot better. I think she enjoyed the little bit of independent time on Wednesdays before the group started. Jane says she has made new friends from the school that she never had spoken to in the schoolyard before because she has the confidence to approach people. She has had no signs of self harming for 2 months. No anti depressants for a while now. Thanks Cathy. I can't tell you how much we appreciate what you did for Jane. Her grandma called tonight and made a comment about how she could hear a smile in her voice for the first time in years."


I offer a very unique, gentler way of coaching which I call ‘Life-Enhancement’ coaching. I work with all children, including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My approach is based on my unique experience; education; background in counselling and psychology and philosophical wisdom to help your child to re-program their negative inner dialogue, remove self-created blocks, tune in to their inner wisdom and begin to see their life as full of wonderful possibilities that they have previously denied themselves, for whatever reason. The environment that I provide is not clinical, it is a relaxed environment where the coaching will take place. I will discuss my plans and methods with you in detail. I will ask for your permission where needed to watch or read certain materials as part of the coaching process, you will be kept fully informed. My goal is to offer your child a fresh perspective on their life. I will set them ‘homework’ which may be a self-exploration exercise, reading, watching a specific program that I think would help them on their journey, but I will guide them not push them, so consider if this strategy is their ‘best-fit’ before you begin a working-relationship with me. To date my success rate is 100%. That being said, if I feel that they are not committing to the changes required for them to shift their life-experience then I will call our sessions to an end as they will not benefit any of us without everyone’s full commitment. ‘Full commitment’ includes that of the parent/carer/guardian who I will also be working closely with and may also be asked to participate in activities to support your child’s progress. I adopt a holistic approach to coaching taking great car and consideration when assessing all facets of your child’s life to ensure maximum success.

My methods are unique and developed over years of experience and expertise to ensure maximum impact sessions so that your child will feel empowered immediately.

Breaking News! I am taking all of my experience and creating an online course for young people to empower themselves and unleash the giant within. Watch this space!

"Thanks for the report and all the work you’ve done with James!  I don’t think any NDIS money has been better spent!" Simon Gordon, Adelaide.

"Cathy has taught me how to live." James, (Age 14), Adelaide.

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