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Welcome to Cathy's Media Hub!

Explore Cathy's media section, where you can find links to relevant conversations and interviews that offer deeper insights into Cathy's approach, expertise, and transformative impact. Dive into these resources to get to know Cathy better and discover how her guidance can empower you on your journey of personal and professional growth. Whether you're seeking inspiration, practical advice, or profound insights, Cathy's media hub is your gateway to valuable resources that can support your path to greatness.

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The Systematic Leadership Podcast.

Cathy had the honor of being interviewed by the amazing Karl Staib for his podcast ‘Systematic Leader.’

Highlights from the interview:

1. The shift towards proactive mental wellness

Cathy discusses how high-performing leaders are increasingly recognizing the need to prioritize their own mental and emotional wellbeing, rather than just pushing through challenges. She highlights the importance of tuning into feelings and bodily signals as feedback, and taking radical responsibility for one’s growth and development.

2. Establishing daily practices and routines.

Cathy shares her own morning routine of journaling and mantras as a way to start the day grounded and focused on abundance. She emphasizes the need for leaders to experiment and find the practices that work best for them individually, rather than trying to fit a one-size-fits-all mold.

3. Embracing feedback and blind spots.

Cathy discusses the value of having trusted advisors and loved ones who are willing to provide honest, constructive feedback – even if it’s uncomfortable. She encourages leaders to actively seek out this input as a way to identify and address their blind spots.

4. Balancing professional and personal priorities.

Cathy shares a personal example of prioritizing time with her son over a high-level business meeting, and how this decision was ultimately respected and appreciated by her colleagues. She emphasizes the importance of leaders honoring their whole selves, including their family and personal commitments.

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Unstuck Yourself Podcast Interview...

As soon as it hits, I will share it with you here...

I was up BRIGHT & EARLY this morning to be a guest on the amazing 'Unforget Yourself' Podcast with Mark Adams.

Mark expertly and strategically curated the conversation in a way that we could go deep into the important issues and helped to illuminate the importance of changing the conversation on what Big T and little t trauma is, and how it shows up in the way we lead, parent, and how it effects your bottom line.

Please check out and share their podcast, and their important conversations and familiarize yourselves with their mission to help business owners get out of their own way.

Image by Joanna Kosinska
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Coming Soon...
The Thriving After Abuse Summit.

Coming Soon...

What You Will Gain...

  • Healing Techniques: Practical exercises and therapies to process and release childhood trauma.

  • Empowerment: Tools to boost your self-esteem and confidence, helping you step into your power.

  • Connection: Strategies to foster deeper, more meaningful relationships.

  • Balance: Ways to harmonize and align with your feminine energy, enhancing your overall well-being.

  • Resilience: Skills to navigate life's challenges with grace and strength, turning past pain into empowerment.

The Wise Woman Podcast.

Watch this space as Nuna and I delve into a deep conversation on all things transformation... Coming soon...

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