Cathy Domoney

Inspirational-Speaker & Coach

Hello lovely friends! Thank you so very much for being here. Apologies for the break in communications, I have just had the joys of having my fifth baby and so life has been blissful and busy! I am collaborating with some incredible people and working on some amazing projects at the moment with more books in the pipeline for you all! Yay!  I am coaching both groups and individuals as well as being invited as guest-speaker at many events which is really wonderful and my dreams-come-true! Watch this space over the next few months for some exciting updates and countdowns and find out how you can be involved in my book launch teams! Please feel free to contact me any time via the contact button on here or via my facebook pages. I will get back to you as soon as I can and I will do my very best to accommodate your dates with regards to public-speaking events but I am currently working several months in advance. Speak to you soon and it is so great to have you here! Ciao!