Cathy Domoney
Chrysalis Coaching

Inspired Spirit Law of Attraction Life Coach

Client Testimonials

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the time it’s taken to help us. Your words seemed to instantly buoy me up and make me believe in the power we have within us to help Alexander, and ourselves, to make the changes we want.

I also wanted to say how inspired I am by your own story, and the achievements you’ve made yourself and for your children in spite of the difficulties you faced. It makes me proud to be a woman and a mother to know there are women like you.

Caroline, UK

5* Review

I wish you could see how bright that session made me smile! I do think that the future of the world is in safe hands knowing that there are people like you in it that embody pure love. I think you are so right it’s a real lesson in listening to my inner voice. I am doing all my meditations/ prayers on trusting God to show me the right way. Of letting go of perceived control and listening to guidance. Complex indeed, however there is a lesson in it somewhere and I will be better and stronger because of the challenge. 
Thank you.

Cassandra, UK

5* Review