Cathy Domoney

Inspirational-Speaker & Coach

Madeleine, Maddy & Midge

Positive Thinking for Children

Story by Cathy Domoney

Illustrations by Karen Davis

Madeleine has two secret friends, Maddy and Midge. Maddy’s happy messages make Madeleine feel tall, strong and full of confidence. Midge however, fills Madeleine with worries, troubles and doubt and makes her feel small, scared and alone. Madeleine has found the magic spell so that Maddy’s voice will be all she will hear and Midge will disappear like the ‘Pop’ of a bubble. Madeleine has the power to decide whether to be happy or sad. The question is, what will she decide? Madeleine, Maddy & Midge contains a powerful message of self esteem and confidence for children. It is more than just a story book, it is a literary friend. Complete with parent and teacher activities Madeleine, 

Maddy & Midge is a valuable resource tool.

ISBN: 978-1-45250761-3

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